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PaperCity Features: Eldalieee

I would like to thank dear Michelle - a wonderful creative and street photographer - for this amazing feature and a great way to start coming weekend and beginning of spring on this Friday 13th!

"Eldar (Eldalieee) has a way of capturing street photography that is entirely unique unto itself. One of the main reasons why I fell in love with street photography is the unique glimpses that photo’s gift you into the way that other’s see the world. It’s like looking through the eyes of a stranger and seeing the street how they see it. Living a frame from someone’s life for a brief period of time.

The way that Eldar captures day to day life around us is hauntingly beautiful. He has a profound talent for capturing moments that feel remarkably timeless.I had the privilege of meeting Eldar briefly while in New York. Albeit the time that I spent shooting with him was brief, his soft-spoken and thoughtful nature highlighted his work for me even more."

To read more, please follow the link here.



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