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Sacrifice for a photo LOL

This past weekend I went on a very fun photography walk with fellow photographer/artist Smyska from Poland. But I was terribly late - 40 minutes is enormously a lot for a person who is committed to be on time.

So I missed my C local train because of this stranger who I spotted and tried to get as close as I can to take his picture.

After I got the shot that thrilled me, I ended up getting on another C train that turned out to be express (WHAT?!?!?) and instead of going one stop down from 125th to 116th (which the C local train would normally do if it was not for messed up weekend schedule), I went all the way down to 59th Columbus Circle, and ended up late for 40 minutes. Forgive me, Smyska LOL (she did).

Well, sometimes you gotta sacrifice people and things (sounds awful) for a shot.

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