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Afropunk: We The People Mini-Book

Yesterday I attended an annual AFROPUNK music festival in Brooklyn. I was completely blown away by the density of beautiful people in one place! As a photographer, I am committed to see and show beauty of people who belong to all ethnic backgrounds and ages. And I honestly believe that as human beings, no matter where we live and how old we are, all we are looking for is being heard and accepted the way, and this is what I want to showcase in my work.

My emotions about the festival and interacting with so much beauty were so strong that I decided to create my third 20-pages zine (small book) to highlight some of my favorite portraits and street photographs of the event.

I would appreciate any support if you would like to purchase this zine:

20 pages Softcover, Standard Landscape 10x8in, Premium Lustre paper

Link to Buy:

Thank you, Eldar aka Eldalieee

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