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My First Book Sale

Good morning,

I am happy to finally announce my very first photography book - Timeless New York.

It is a very exciting personal event for me - to finally hold a hard copy of my photographs, printed on a nice paper, and produced by Blurb.

I have created the book myself and all the photographs in it were taken in 2016. I hope I can make it an ongoing project - to landmark each year of my life in a form of a photography book. I tried to do my best to reduce the cost of production (eventually, the book went from 72 pages to 32), but I am very pleased with it's quality.

If you like my photographs, and want to see them not only in a digital form, you can now order it either on Blurb or Amazon (prices vary because of the initial pricing set by each vendor). The book will be produced and shipped to your address (please note, that Shipping Costs and Taxes are not included into the pricing on this website).

I really, and I mean - REALLY, appreciate all your support in this journey!



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