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There Is No Other Place Like Home

As part of my first half of vacation, I went back to my home country to visit my family.

It turned out to be a vibrant, loving and exciting trip that brought peace to my mind, and showed me how loved I am on two different continents. It is something worth living for.

But the main outcome from this visit was that I finally found myself in peace with all that rage and frustration that I had kept inside about my home city, my home country, people's mentality, all that stuff.

As I am getting older, things are changing, and I am so proud of myself - this is a small but HUGE personal victory over past.

Please enjoy full gallery from that trip here.

And I want to say a special thank you to my dear friends back there - Aya and LaRazetti. You made this trip special. Love you, guys!

Aya's gallery is featured here.

LaRazetti's galler is hidden here.

Thank you,


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