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My First Gallery Show and First Win in a Photography Contest

January and February were very exciting, because there were 2 occasions when my photographs were represented outside of virtual space.

First, a very special person in my life gave me a wonderful birthday present which was a surprise gallery show of my 25 photographs in my favorite coffee shop - Darling Coffee in Inwood, Uptown Manhattan. That was a complete shock for me to see some of my photographs printed and on the wall and also that some of the best people in my life were there to celebrate with me (of course, I would probably pick different photographs if I was curating this myself and will probably re-edit a lot for the show, but it is simply a perfectionism speaking in me).

Well, the gallery show only lasted for a month but I will keep memories of it forever. Thank you, remarkable Mark :)

Here is how it looked:

Second, I was one of the winners of the Photosplosion 2017 photography contest in Photojournalism category for all the graduates of JP Teaches Photography classes in New York City.

Here is how that looked like:

I am very grateful for all those who support me in this journey.

Thank you,


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