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There Is No Other City Like Venice

You may now buy a photography book from my trip to Italy here:

This has finally happened! Italy has been on my list forever and finally we made it to there!

In only 9 days (yeah, I have a pretty limited vacation at my workplace), we had to do A LOT! And we had to use time wisely. With a very thorough planning, we ended up visiting 4 big cities in Northern part of Italy - Venice, Bologna, Florence and Milan (Naples and Tuscany - I am seeing you next time for sure!).

But this post is about Venice. I am still speechless because the amount of beauty and elegance in Venice is overwhelming. When you come from a big city like New York, you may have a feeling that you have seen everything, but Venice is like another planet on Earth where everything is different and has its own laws - water instead of ground, Vaporetto and boats instead of cars and cabs and subway, Aperol Spritz on each corner, beautiful buildings in color tones that I absolutely love on photographs - beige, orange, pink.

And, definitely, people - Venetians, themselves - reserved but friendly, elegant, with incredibly beautiful noses (I am into physiognomy), tons of blazers and scarves, and definitely a lot of smoking (haha, which was very shocking to me at first after NYC where I barely see anyone smoking).

But probably the most significant thing that I loved about people and life there is that Italians seem to really LOVE LIFE. There is a certain vibe of chill and relaxation, and good humor in the way they interact with each other. It felt like they really embrace the beauty they live in and they fit into that scenery so well - elegant, relaxed, smoking, and enjoying life. This is something I want to take on with me.

Please enjoy photographs from Venice that I took in 2.5 days that I was there. And the next stop is Bologna!

Little preview:

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