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"I had the chance to model for Eldar on a winter morning. Walking around the streets he lets himself experiment and intuitively creates situation which really captures a candid aesthetic. I had lots of fun that morning and the result was terrific (and edited in a short time-frame). He captured a side of me I wasn't used to see in photographs which was both truthful and beautiful, even to me who can be quite picky with my image! He has a great eye and method. And he's lovely; actually writing this makes me want to catch up!" - Jules Pernt

"I absolutely loved being photographed by Eldar . He captures moments in a manner that is so AMAZING . His photography tells stories and reveals the beauty in moments that isn't obvious to the ordinary eye .

Eldar is truly gifted with the ability to freeze a moment of reality and illustrate a story that will leave a lasting impression on its viewers . The experience I had being photographed by Eldar is one of my absolute favorites . Outstanding work & outstanding artistry in his photography!" - Bria Youngblood

"His Name is Eldar  

I was stunned when I discovered Eldar’s love of Vivian Maier’s photography because I have always thought that his work is the closest approximation to her work that I know.  

Typically, I hate when artists of any type are compared to other artists. Although meant to compliment, it risks diminishing their inimitable expression.  This reminds me of the brilliant protest of the child prodigy in Chaim Potok's masterpiece novel, My Name is Asher Lev, who rejects his admirers’ comparing him to the masters by asserting his own individual identity: my name is Asher Lev. 

But I must relent on my own devotion to this principle here, not for lack of Eldar, but for lack of my own capacity to articulate the inexpressible greatness of art in his photography. 

Art is all about culture and value. And culture and value must pertain to the lifting us up and away from the basic concerns of brute needs. And whatever the art production of this endeavor becomes, the unspoken goal is to fashion something that falls seamlessly, though ever weighted by cuts and critique, under the auspices of excellence and beauty regardless of either tragic or quixotic content. 

At the top of my hierarchy of cultural value is narrative. By which I mean the penchant and gift for turning any thought and occasion into a stunning form of wholeness that teases the viewer to know and complete themselves in a story that somehow hides enough of them behind the gorgeous veils of the other and the mundane. 

 This is what Eldar does with photography better than anyone else that I so far know. 

Eldar is not yet discovered to the extent that he will someday get to be. But I already know, with no further need for assuring, that he is my personal favourite photographer. His photos pull me into the narrative and poetry of occasion like no other photographer has ever done for me except for two other people, both of them masterful photographers: Vivian Maier and Cindy Sherman. 

To be compared to these two greats is saying something for sure, but still, Eldar is Eldar. His name is Eldar." -Misha Thomas

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